Thursday, November 02, 2006

The Lapse - Betrayal!

The Lapse is one of many Chris Leo projects. Lets trace the trajectory: He started out in the "emo" hardcore band Native Nod, with jangly guitars and spoken/ screamed lyrics. The lyrics were a high point as was the innovative albeit lo-fi music. After Native Nods demise Chris Leo started the Van Pelt. Taking the same spoken word quality of Native Nod but without the blasting hardcore element, Chris Leo found a quirky yet poppy way to continue his amazing lyrical explorations. Along comes Toko Yasuda, previously from post-punkers Blonde Redhead, and the Van Pelt breakup (there ar not meant to be any Yoko Ono-nisms is that statement) and Chris Leo and his now girlfriend Toko Yasuda begin The Lapse in the late 90's. The Lapse uses the same format of the previous bands, leading one to think Chris Leo either cant sing, or doesnt wish to sing. But there is something endearing and quirky about his voice. The songs tend toward the more upbeat but also have great slower songs, one of which is co-written by underground hip hop act Dalek (also one of the best songs on the album.) The lyrics continue the same reflective thought patterns on Chris Leos previous output but they have matured with time. The lyrics on a song like "The Threat" have the ability to almost make me cry, in their recollection of growing up and innocence and transcendence. Toko also shares some of the vocal duties giving a good balance to the vocals as she sings quite a bit more, though she does so in her best Blonde Redhead japanese waifish montone voice.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Chris Leo can now be heard in the Vague Angels. This picks up where The Lapse left off. The same speaking style of vocal delivery is used. The lyrics are like a novel, using imagery to create and tell a story.

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Blogger senevada said...

Hi, i'm claudio, from Italy....askin you a little favour, if you can....would you kindly write me down the lyrics of the threat? ....i'm googling since hours and i didn't catch anything.....Thanks anyway....See you. Claudio

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