Saturday, February 17, 2007


Wolves - Art.Culture.Work. (2002)

Wolves - Simulation. Transparency.Alienation (2002)

Wolves / Transistor Transistor - Split (2004)

Wolves / Sinaloa - Split 7"

Wolves / Ampere - Split 7"

Wolves = Fucking Amazing.

Political Hardcore Punk at its best. Where were these guys in the 90's?
For people who love Swing Kids, Heroin, Max Colby, Drive Like Jehu. These guys are the bomb. They have been on my iPod for months now. Every single song is worthwhile.

Sadly they have broken up, and left a legacy behind. These 5 records have become 5 of my favorites in recent times.

If anyone has better artwork for the two 7" splits, it would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks! Enjoy!


Anonymous Krustie said...

Hey Friend haw are you? i'm krustiexnm from LJ community, need a favor.
can you reuploading "Wolves" albums to Mediafire, please, Megaupload server request Premium Count now.
Please please

2:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, the cover you put for the Ampere/Wolves is in fact the cover of the Ampere/Welcome the Plague Year 5" (which is by the way an amazing split, musicaly and esthetically speaking) ...

... but who cares :D ... great blog ... I spend my time downloading 90s bands so I'm please (listening to the Groundwork disco right now).

5:34 PM  
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