Thursday, January 04, 2007

Figurines - Skeleton (2006)

Fun, fun, fun. That is what Denmarks Figurines are all about. The songs are simple, energetic, honest and quirky and reminscent of so many good bands in the northwest indie rock scene that you forgive them for wearing their influences on their sleeve. Plus they are catchy as hell. The album as a whole is balanced between mid tempo rockers with some adept guitar playing and heartfelt melodies and faster rock and roll burners that offer just enough in the way of complexity to keep you interested til they deliver on some killer chorus hooks. Each song follows this pattern of beginning with a simple riff and you almost want to call out the influence, but then you get to the chorus and you notice you are tapping your feet just waiting for that next verse to start. Catchy has always been a rough term, as what is empircally catchy is often bastardized and sold for mass consumption, but every so often a band embraces the catchiness with an honesty and youthfulness that makes you remember why you liked rock music in the first place. Figurines have done just that, even to the extent they had the Bowery Ballroom entranced with their '06 live show, nodding heads and giving much cheer and praise. With such charming songwriting and stage presence as Figurines contain I hope we see more from them in the future.


Anonymous lifegrd31 said...

This album is fucking sweet. I went out and bought it, and have listened to it on my ipod constantly. Awesome find.

2:48 PM  

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