Saturday, February 24, 2007

Iconoclast - Discography (Request)

I'll keep this short. I havent listened to this much in recent years, but it is a worthy submission into the early hardcore/ screamo scene. Iconoclast had a frantic chaotic approach that at the time was very new in the hardcore scene and was only being used by a handful of San Diego bands like Heroin and later the Swing Kids and a few eastern bands like Merel and Frail. I believe this was release on the Ebullition label (Check the sidelinks).

I dont have any Econochrist, so good luck on your search...


Blogger said...

iconoclast was hands down the best band ever....oh wait...i already said that. actually they werent nearly as good as swiz. but in what, the early/mid 90s, iconoclast was amazing. saw them a few times and they were always great. my old band wished we were iconoclast...or groundwork...or a harder current. or a mix of all 3? we were close maybe. anyway, these guys were great cuz they had the random looking band member thing going on. "the hippy guy" and "the naked guy" and "the lincoln/unbroken/greaser guy." i cant remember what the other guys looked like. but yeah, iconoclast was amazing. did i say that yet?

3:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The best Iconoclast songs are on only vinyl release double 7" split with german Abyss, only three songs but it rocks excellent emo core noise rock. I think it is hard to find now.

4:50 AM  

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