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Seaweed - Four (1993 - Sub Poop)

Seaweed - Weak (1991 - Sub Plop)

I started snowboarding in 1991. It was a glorious thing to experience. I bascially learned how to snowboard on golf courses. This may sound weird, but the only mountain we had near us was called Big Birch and, let me be honest, there was nothing big about it and I dont really recall any Birch trees, but that part is of minor significance. The main point is that it should have been called Big Bump. I got some better snowboarding in on my front yard then I ever did at that paltry mountain. But credit is due where credit is due; along with my friends Joe and Fooch and another friend from high school, Dan Hickey, we made the trek to learn snowboarding. I believe Dan was the only one who had been before. Joe and Fooch and I were deep into skateboarding at this point so it seemed a natural progression to throw the same moves down while moving very fast on a slippery downward slope. This turned out to not be a bad thing and we all picked it up within the afternoon. Except for Dan, he already knew what was going on. That night we went to the old folks home and used the hill to try out some more carves. This also proved useful and quite more so because it was free and only a walk away from the house. Thus began out snowboarding lives.

That winter was great. In fact, we had lots of good winters in the early 90's. Not really sure what happened, but its of no consequence to me (excuse the extreme ecological incorrectness of ignoring what many call Global Warming), this is a story about snowboarding, and somehow, the band Seaweed. So fast forward a few weeks and one of us came up with the great idea of to hit the Mount Kisco golf course. This was probably Joe as he and his dad did landscaping and plowing and he was privy to lots of hidden areas of the great expanses of tiny Northern Westchester. So we head out there and sure enough there is a hill. Kids are sledding and we begin snowboarding. It was tiny, but it made for an easy hike back up and it was endless fun. Especially when we started making jumps. Now, which one of decided to venture into the golf course, i dont know, but it was surely inspired by one of the sand traps that we encountered on our first day there. They made natural jumps and were capable of giving you quite a pop into the air. So begins our 18 hole adventure of snowboarding.

In an effort to move this along, I will say that the first year of my snowboarding career took place mostly in that golf course, slogging with our boards, hitting every sand trap we could. Sometime just setting up on the high side of a sand trap and treating it like a mini bowl. After all, we were skateboarders and it was hardly a stretch to think of snowboarding as incredibly similar. So sand trap after sand trap, grinding bushes covered in snow, shooting through trees, I only wish I could do that now without getting arrested.

So, in a similar vein as my experiences with Thrasher Magazine playing tastemaker to my unbridled enthusiam for all things punk and hardcore, Transworld Snowboarding entered my life and, aside from offering pretty pictures of places I wouldnt visit until over a decade later, it offered a wonderful music section which I frequently would skip to first to see what was new.

Enter Seaweed. The biggest draw for checking out Seaweed wasnt that they were punk. That was a given. Thats most of what Transworld and Thrashers music sections consisted of. The biggest draw for me was the fact that they were from Tacoma, WA. I was born in Tacoma, Washington, exactly one day after my father died in an Air Force accident. Saving the specific dates for myself, it happened on the 11th while my mom was in the hospital and the 12 I was born into this world. Needless to say, my Bronx born mother was now alone with a new child in her care and a family that was very far away. So my tenure in Tacoma and the west coast ended shortly after it began and we moved to Yonkers where my grandparents could help my mother get back on her feet and take care of me when the need arose. This was an agreeable decision to my unformed mind and I happily remember this as my life. I am a New Yorker, born and raised just over a half our out of NYC. But I was born in Tacoma, and this is where a great rift happened that I to this day have not figured out. It was draw that could not be ignored and before I knew it I had ran to the store and purchased Four by Tacoma's very own Seaweed. Somehow I felt my dad would be proud.

It's no suprise that music and skating or snowboarding go so well together. Fluid motion, pushing yourself, pulling off sweet moves like in the BMX movie RAD or Breakin' all deserved proper soundtracks. Seaweed was the most inspiring soundtrack to go snowboarding to. It was perfect in every way. It was upbeat, melodic punk, with great vocals, great lyrics, not too much or too little of anything. In fact, I will go so far as to say Seaweed made me a better snowboarder. How, I couldnt tell you, but I'm laying claim to the truth of that statement. Of course Seaweed didnt prevent me from destroying my knee, but maybe thats a whole other matter. I dont hold it against them. Seaweed still rules these many years later. And the link with Tacoma? Still hits every time, gives me chills of nostalgias and mysteries I dont quite get. I imagine my father smiling.


Blogger Terry said...

That's quite the context! My Seaweed story is less profound...when I lived in Edmonton they opened for SNFU which got to be pretty big for a Canadian punk band. Seaweed were huge SNFU fans (as were the Goo Goo Dolls and Slayer, lots of pics of those bands in SNFU shirts and with stickers on their guitars)...anyway I can't remember which album Seaweed had out at the time, i just remember losing my shit whenever they played something off "Weak", which changed my world. Their shirts said "Visualize Tacoma" because it is a smaller place maybe. I worked stage security as my college station put the gig on. The guys from Seaweed lost it when SNFU started and they kept stage diving over and over. Eventually one of 'em clipped me with a cowboy boot and I blacked out for a couple of seconds. I was pretty upset at the time, thinking that by the nineties punk rock wasn't supposed to hurt... The abuse continued when SNFU came on and their singer would use my shoulders as a place to launch off. I also ended up covered in whipped cream and silly string and had pickles batted at me with a tennis racquet...Mr. Chi Pig was pretty creative.... As they say, good times. Thanks for the post, my copy of "four" was stolen some time ago!

7:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey man, great music choices and solid write ups! Is it possible you could repost the Unwound LPs again?

7:36 PM  
Blogger luciferyellow said...

I can only agree with the 2 previous comments: That's quite a context (it's both a funny and heart wrenching story at once...); plus the music selection is great as always. I am really getting into Seaweed again. Although when this (Weak) came out originally I didn't like them as much as other Sub Pop contemporaries (I dunno, not enough Fuzz, the tail-end of the whole Grunge phenomenon... something like that). But now I kind of appreciate the straight-up sound again.
Two more comments: The link for "Weak" is not working (it links to a 1KB file). And could you tell us the password for the Dive stuff, I'd like to check that out. Thanks. Keep up the good work!

11:16 PM  
Blogger dwp said...

best band! EVER!

3:46 AM  
Blogger blend77 said...

haha! im glad you guys like this band. I was listening to them all day yesterday. Good springtime music.

@ Luciferyellow. I will check the files. Apologies for that. The Dive file shouldnt have a password as I upped it myself (all things on zen are upped by me) and I never use passwords. check back in a bit.

9:17 AM  
Blogger blend77 said...

fixed the Weak link (ha!)

Dive doesnt have a password. It unstuffed fine. Please try one more time. If it doesnt work I will rezip and reup. ^_^

10:11 AM  
Blogger luciferyellow said...

Yeah, I am still having problems with the Dive file. I tried it on 2 different PCs and used 2 different programs to unzip the files, but it never worked properly. I am strongly inclined to think that it is not just me.
But on a completely different note: When I saw your Quicksand and Seaweed posts I was wondering whether you know Soulwax? They are best known as DJs and for their dance remixes, BUT(!!) they have done some really great albums as a rockband, too. The band biography at LastFM gives a good overview

They are not as powerful as Quicksand or Seaweed, but particularly their second album "Much against everyone's advice" is a real hidden gem.
If you don't know it already, give it a try, you might like it. Cheers.

1:36 PM  
Blogger luciferyellow said...

So I was just listening to the Soulwax album again myself and I have no idea why I would say the Quicksand and Seaweed post reminded me of them. They don't sound anything like either of those bands (so don't hold that against them). Nevertheless it's a great album (I got some other comparisons in my head now, but I'll rather keep those to myself now...)

1:54 PM  
Blogger Death Metal Dan said...

Awesome post!

4:11 PM  
Blogger Luc(A)s said...

You've got probably the best blog I've ever seen. Folk? Emoviolence? Grind? Punk? Indie Rock? You've got all my favorite genres on one site. cheers!

8:17 PM  
Blogger luciferyellow said...

I was finally able to unzip the files in the Dive folder. Once I ignored the error messages in WinZip and just blazed ahead it did it just fine. Sorry for the confusion.

9:17 PM  
Blogger Stephen said...

greay story. i love childhood connections to music like that. i wish i could say my story with seaweed had more to it than "i heard them on a comp and thought they sounded cool."

1:36 AM  
Blogger Lo-Res Viscera said...

Crazy timing...

I have been hunting for "Four" all week, thanks!

3:26 AM  
Blogger blend77 said...

all of you rule.

thanks for all the awesome comments.

Glad you could finally dig into that Dive stuff, lucifer. everyone else should give it a whirl too.

and now I am looking for:

Battery (First album)
Cast Iron Hike (early stuff)
Bells on Trike
Holeshot (from Glue Records, not the newer racecar rock band)

thanks again guys!

8:57 AM  
Blogger luciferyellow said...

Battery. First EP (We won't fall)?? Here is a link to a blog where someone has it posted (can't take any credit)

1:58 PM  
Anonymous Don, Aman said...


Hiding Place


2:13 PM  
Blogger sweet baby jaysus said...

its starting to feel like summer all over again...
i'll post up the chain to thread demo for you tonight

4:49 PM  
Blogger blend77 said...

this is greatness. I wonder how Ashes holds up. I havent heard it in a good while.

thanks guys!

6:56 PM  
Blogger pencrush said...

have always been a huge seaweed fan... thanks for posting these.

12:09 PM  
Blogger sweet baby jaysus said...

as promised albeit later than anticipated...
chain to thread -

1:08 PM  
Blogger proven hollow said...

if peoples are interested, the band sent me the last deadsure LP before they broke up. for those keeping score, this featured the old singer from sparkmarker mentioned before. it was supposed to be released on rome plow but the guy who runs the label kinda screwed the band over as well those of us who ordered the LP and never got it or our money back. it will most likely never see the light of day, the band may release it themselves, but in the meantime, they said i could share it. they had a previous EP on no idea which is stil available and quite good. let me know if you all want it. and i'll up it later.

2:26 PM  
Blogger proven hollow said...

PS- these 2 seaweed albums were amazing and still are.

2:26 PM  
Anonymous Pancho said...

I'm uploading bells on trike albums, dude (7" and 10")

3:09 PM  
Blogger sweet baby jaysus said...

holy fuck the ebullition order came in today. what not to buy!
excuse me while i go masturbate in the bathroom. ahem.

5:11 PM  
Anonymous Pancho said...

What a mistake.
There's no 7".
Sorry about that.
Here's the 10" ST:

5:48 PM  
Blogger apoxonbothyourhouses said...

wow...awesome awesome shit...

thanks guys...

now, i have some more REQs (yeah, i'm an ass, sorry)...

that soulside (soon come now) CD would be fabulous...

(dunno why, but i've been in a scott mccloud mood recently)

for your pleasure:

paramount styles "failure american style"

4:57 AM  
Blogger júlio said...

hey, thanks for this,

great memories, great music, and great regret for losing their show thw two times they came here on that they are back, who knows?

5:15 AM  
Blogger blend77 said...

@ PH, I am down to hear that Deadsure album. that guys voice was what drew me to Sparkmarker, so bring it on. Thanks!

@ Pancho, Awesome man, I didnt know of a 7", so the 10" is a great. I havent heard this in years!

@ Jaysus, whatdidyaget?! tell us!

@ Apox, I can up that Soulside for you. Its always good to be in a Scott McCloud mood. Or as PH would say, a Bobby Sullivan mood. Do you have Rain as well? If not, do a search. I posted it a ways back.

@ Julio, thanks for the comments.

10:20 AM  
Blogger blend77 said...

so. If anyone has Cast Iron Hike, that would be awesome.

Also, I mentioned it before, but does anyone remember Holeshot? I had a dream about them and I had 2 7"s of theirs. They were fast as all get out!

If anyone has these or remembers them, let me know.

thanks again!

10:22 AM  
Blogger sweet baby jaysus said...

i'll be posting the record stores newsletter up on my blog later today with all the re-stock info. seriously there's a lot of awesome shit here that it would take to long to type out again. but lets just say almost 700 dollars worth of joy.

11:00 AM  
Blogger apoxonbothyourhouses said...

yeah Blend, i got the Rain

it's pretty nice...

but i gotta Soulside itch that only you can scratch.

oh, that came out wrong...


and cause i love this guy's site:

gotta give him some love

11:20 AM  
Blogger blend77 said...

oh, Zwam! I used to go to his site all the time! He closed up shop here and there and I didnt know he was still going strong.

Awesome... thanks for sharing. Hes got great taste...

Soul side upping now. Scratch the itch, watch desire increase. ^_^

12:12 PM  
Blogger blend77 said...

here ya go! Itch scratched. lol!

Soul Side - Soon Come Happy

12:24 PM  
Blogger apoxonbothyourhouses said...

love you, thanks man

12:31 PM  
Blogger proven hollow said...

glad to hear there is always room for soulside.

anyway, here's the not-so-released DEADSURE LP "Extra Large Youth"

old singer from sparkmarker. they have broken up since recording this. i dig it alot. more "punky" or "hardcorey" than sparkmarker. but it's good good.

4:04 PM  
Blogger sweet baby jaysus said...

finally finished the list/post. you can check out the retarded amount of shit that dropped in my lap yesterday.

4:29 PM  
Anonymous Pancho said...

Yeah, as someone said: crazy timing. Thanks all.

6:38 PM  
Blogger Josh Brown said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

5:39 AM  
Blogger Josh Brown said...

Really enjoyed reading this and the personal touch. Keep it up!


p.s. I actually dug out the Fugazi live at Irving Plaza on here a couple days ago and it is golden. Thanks again for stuff like that, I gave Zen a little love in my last post though!

5:43 AM  
Blogger sweet baby jaysus said...

Ensiferum - Victory Songs
wicked Viking Metal. not my link but works majestically.
To the halls of Asgard!

3:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What I believe to be the first album from on Tupelo. Recorded late 89 early 90.
Enjoy, I certainly have over the years.

10:41 PM  
Blogger threadbare. said...

Such a rad story! I was doing the same thing with a snowboard in Jersey in the late 80's. By the time Seaweed busted loose from Tacoma I was practicing no-complies out front of my school's art building. I remember driving to a show at Jon Hiltz' basement, coming up the Turnpike, switching between Seaweed and Slapshot tapes. Mmmm, perfect.

9:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow. I checked these guys out and they remind me alot ofd Pegboy. I like them alot. I was also more of a punk fan as far as alternative music goes. :) Thanks for introducing me to this band. :)

10:54 AM  
Anonymous Nicole said...

"Kid Candy" - one of the greatest songs ever. Thanks for posting this.

5:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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9:22 AM  
Blogger whore said...

ok, so how about that HOLESHOT up from anyone, please? i had the FOE TO MAN 7'' but sold it as i was stupid

6:37 AM  
Anonymous thebear said...

Wow, I just wandered onto this being a seawed fan myself, fantastic album. What actually drew me in though was how similar we are. I was born in the Bronx, but raised up in Rockland County most of my life. Right across the TZ bridge from you in Yonkers. I lived in Yonkers for a year as well in my 20's, the real kicker to this whole thing is that I too grew up skating and Thrasher and spent the better part of my late teens snowboarding with no real mountains around. Sterling Forest being the closest and it was just terrible. Also lift tix were not cheap, luckily we have plenty of golf courses with perfectly fine trails to ride on. I also had a friend whose father ran the courses up here at Rockland Lake. I definitely cut my teeth on the golf courses and paid many dues trudging up the hills we joyously rode for free and anytime while building our own little jumps and shit. Anyway, I know this post is old, but is was a good read that brouught on some great memories.

8:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

only homo's snowboard. Keep jerking off to your youth you faggot life lover

4:42 AM  
Blogger DigMeOut said...

Check out a podcast review of Seaweed's album 'Four' on the Dig Me Out Podcast at, a weekly podcast dedicated to reviewing lost and forgotten rock of the '90s.

9:55 AM  
Anonymous Jaimi said...

Thank you so much for both albums & also to the fellow who posted the Deadsure LP!

10:04 PM  

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