Monday, January 21, 2008

Im Alive

no. not Pearl Jam, definitely not Celine Dion, and not that crappy band POD... or any other host of cliched songs about being, feeling, or dreaming about being alive. and this aint no Pinocchio either.

Just here to tell you that I am, in fact, still alive. Im healthy, breathing at a normal rate. My cholesterol is good and despite the small spare tire forming around my waist, I am feeling very well rested and even optimistic.

Somewhat normal blog posting should resume. I still owe my list for 2007.... its different from all the other lists you read by now which have all the obvious candidates for indie stardom. Hopefully my list will break the mold a little.

So really, thats that. Happy New Years. Welcome one, welcome all. If youre new, this blog is still running, its just stuck in the driveway right now. If youre old, see previous comment about the proverbial "car" being in the proverbial "driveway".

More soon...


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11:55 AM  
Blogger Josh Brown said...

Still one the best out there, this blog has pointed me out many a hidden gem. And I seem to remember you doing an excellent review on EitS a long while a go, well I just got to see them myself!

9:08 AM  
Blogger blend77 said...

EITS is a great live show.

I will hopefully see them in April!

Going to see Caspian, Constants and Junius in March..

12:35 PM  

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