Friday, November 23, 2007

Three Penny Opera - s/t (1999)

I dont have much to say right now, bear with me...

I am posting Three Penny Opera for two reason, both of which may not be obvious. The first reason is that Three Penny Opera is what formed out of the remains of Shotmaker, one of my most favorite hardcore bands ever. The second reason is that Hardcore for Nerds recently posted a 7" by the Three Penny Opera and when I was reading that review, I made a decision.

I had a few records I was gonna bring in today (yes, I am at work on Friday after Thanksgiving... lame) and make some posts out of since I have been kind of sleeping on this site. I had a few worked out, which I'll just do tomorrow, or sometime in the near future, but nonetheless, I forgot them and now I have nothing to do here except wait for my boss to leave so I can leave too. So I am making some different posts... starting with this one... so I guess theres a third reason for my post.

It comes back to that Inspiration thing I mentioned in my last post. Finding inspiration is like hunting for the Philosophers Stone sometimes, and when I find it for one thing (in this case, Bouncing Souls and Chokehold) it doesnt necessarily translate over to other things... So I am here, doing a review for Three Penny Opera, but its not really a review. I've barely even mentioned the record. its more of an Anti-Review, but that might seem like I was trying to convince you not to listen to this record. Which that would actually be Reverse Psychology, in which I really want you to check out this record.

Well, whatever it is, and whatever happens, DONT listen to this record. Its DOES NOT sound like Shotmaker, and it DOESNT have those same propulsive drum fills and it most definitely DOES NOT have awesome guitar riffs that sounds like a logical extension of Mouse-Ear Forget Me Not.



Blogger gabbagabbahey said...

It's like a truly Zen review... hopefully people will be spontaneously enlightened about the amazingness of this band.

Here's the link to the 7", just a bit of self-promotion!

1:14 PM  
Blogger Jared Dillon said...

the guitar playing on these two releases is incredible, beautiful and just plain amazing.

5:33 PM  
Anonymous B. said...

call me crazy, but i always like 3PO better than shotmaker. better live. bettter records. blasphemy: maybe.

5:46 PM  
Blogger gabbagabbahey said...

b. - Three Penny Opera sound like they knew how to write and play songs better, but for me Shotmaker are more original. It's hard to beat songs like 'The Game', 'Newest Sound System' or 'Shortwave Radio'... just my opinion.

I just posted some MBV - mentioned Shotmaker in the post... and blend, check it out - WORKING footnotes!

7:35 AM  
Anonymous Backmasking said...

Hey B? crazy!

Bouncing Souls!!???

3:41 AM  
Blogger riffin said...

Excellent. Still listening to the Shotmaker discography that I got the first time I found this site. Keep it steady, Freddie.

1:02 PM  
Anonymous shawn scallen said...

i have a few of this CD left in my virtual distro if anyone is interested...

scallen at spectrasonic dot com

12:36 AM  
Anonymous Viagra Online said...

What a funky joint!

Three Penny Opera is just for nerds


3:41 PM  

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