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Shotmaker / Maximillian Colby (1995)

Shotmaker/Maximillian Colby - Split 12" (Nervous Wreck Kids, 1995)

This is one of the most fantastic records of this music style. Powerful churning, tumultuous hardcore. It represents the best of both bands output and represents the pinnacle of mid-paced chaotic hardcore with a heavy emphasis on moody tension and angular rhythms. These songs have held up so well over a decade later, and while many people can have all of each bands songs on their respective discographies (many other great songs, indeed) this one moment in time deserves to be seen as an integral period of a bigger picture; An unyielding portrait of grinding dynamism.
Shotmaker were from Ontario, Canada and Maximillian Colby came from Virginia, USA.

North: Shotmaker
1. The Game
2. Archaeologist
3. Blocks and Channels
4. Untitled
5. Spark Lights the Friction
6. Newest Sound System

South: Maximillian Colby
1. Last Name
2. What's The Matter River?
3. Shoot Hypotenuse
4. Right Right Left


Blogger sweet baby jaysus said...

can i get a fuck yeah!!!?

1:21 AM  
Anonymous Backmasking said...

Tussling with the Karp/Rye split as to who is the fairest one of all. Fight! Did somebody yell "Fight!"?

4:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the Rye side is fabulous, but Karp side leaves alot to be desired...

this, though, both sides are remarkable.

4:30 AM  
Blogger lebobbi said...

Nize to see you are back!! =)

12:19 PM  
Blogger blend77 said...

fuck yeah!!

12:32 PM  
Blogger gabbagabbahey said...

blend, thanks, I saw this yesterday. Good to see you're back, again...

Nice comprehensive post, guess I'll make a new sleeve for my CD now with the real artwork. The North/South thing is from the original package, I assume?

my top 3 emo splits, btw: Shotmaker/Max Colby; Leatherface/Hotwater Music; Ampere/Sinaloa.

rock on!

5:16 PM  
Blogger blend77 said...

yeah, the sides are only labeled "North" and "South"

Ampere/ Sinaloa is one of my favorites. especially Sinaloas side, but Amperes side continues to show new forms each time its played. Thats indispensable.

6:17 PM  
Blogger gabbagabbahey said...

some of you might have seen this request on my blog, but anyway...

I'm looking for the Crownhate Ruin 'A Primer' and 'Intermediate' 7"s, in order to do a Hoover family post... the latter actually is still available from Dischord, but, in the meantime!

oh yeah, and blend, I need to put in the untitled track onto my CD version (which is what I posted on HfN) of this. I must have left it off when transferring from the discography - and I was wondering why you had six tracks listed for side A!

thanks, Gabba

4:41 PM  
Anonymous michael said...

oooh, this one's a classic. EVERYBODY should download this sucker. and anything else by shotmaker, while you're at it. beyond awesome. nice post.

i think you can still get the shotmaker discography from troubleman, which has the incredible "mouse ear/forget me not" LP on it. not to be missed...

12:31 AM  
Blogger blend77 said...


shotmaker was the best. Mouse Ear and Crayon Club are both amazing.

I posted the disco a ways a back, but i think i will post them as their original albums too.

thanks for the comment!

10:29 AM  
Blogger sweet baby jaysus said...

what about the swing kids spanakorzo split. fan-freaking-tastitc. karp vs. rye, karp laid the groove with get your hands off my cake, but romancing the itallian horn was possibly rye's finest moment. tough call.

7:32 PM  
Blogger blend77 said...

i never really liked Spanakorzo, and i almost didnt like Swing Kids, solely based on the fact that my ex-girlfriend dated John Brady one summer when we broke up (summer of 1996). She was from San Diego and visiting their for the summer. She came back with the Swing Kids 7" which i loved, and the Spanakorzo split. Then I found out about her dating Brady, then I tried to hate the Swing Kids, but i couldnt...

but since i never was really into Spanakorzo as much, and since it was more of John Bradys project more so than Swing Kids (which was Justin Pearson and Eric Allens gig) it was easier to hate.

theres my story.

9:46 AM  
Blogger Soul Mining said...

completley unrelated here but a while ago someone upped a live set from texas is the reason...does anyone have it (or others)
thanks !

11:11 AM  
Blogger gabbagabbahey said...

I'll go for the Swing Kids/Spanakorzo split too, especially since it seems to have my favourite SK song ('43 Seconds') on it. I must stick those tracks together and see what it sounds like.

Is the Mohinder/Nitwits split 7" any good? I know the Mohinder side must be, but I've never heard the Nitwits.

11:54 AM  
Anonymous cda said...

Thanks for the great posts! I just started a blog it probably sucks but check it out…

10:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

your blog in the bomb and im digging out 10 albums from the cellar for every one i read of on this site i hadn't listened to underdog 7" for years til i read your supertouch blog.
Please up R2B again as the link is busted. I loved that record. Lost to a shared house and a flaky BMxer.
Thanks X2Xdownbeat (Jack UK)

4:21 AM  
Blogger Jared Dillon said...

The Khayembii Communique / The Vidablue split is a fucking classic.

God, I miss Ten Grand.

4:57 PM  
Blogger theodore said...


the nitwits were completely different than mohinder, or most of anything else that shows up here on zen. kinda snotty pop punkish, ala FYP perhaps? damn, now that you mentioned that record, i'm going to have to dig it up. haven't listened to that one in forever!

and i don't supposed anyone has that one ripped in?

10:45 AM  
Blogger weleasewoger72 said...

Great blog. Amazing release as well.
My fav split at the moment has to be
the Scent Of Human History with Memory As Perfection. The Saddest Landscape Funeral Diner split sucked big time which is a shame because both bands are amazing.

2:01 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

Hey there! This is David from Max Colby. Just want to say thanks for posting this! I remember when we got these from the wonderful Barker boys at Nervous Wreck Kids. It was such a crazy time because unfortunately, we got them after Bob had passed on. For the art work for the max colby side I took Bob's bass amp/cab into a 7-11 (where Bob and I and a few friends had played a prank on the guy behind the counter late one night, we serenaded him while Bob asked for a job application ) and i took some Polaroid pictures of it. When we got the records, Sleepytime Trio was in full swing. We loaded them into my truck and hauled ass to Connecticut to meet up with Shotmaker for a small East Coast tour. Some of the best shows I have ever played were with that band. I can't thank you enough for encoding this and getting a chance to hear it again.

9:12 AM  
Blogger blend77 said...

David, I cant tell you how psyched I am that you found this post.

It is one of the few records I didnt sell in my foolish teenage years (looking at it now in fact). The story of the picture is great. I gotta be honest, until now, I could never figure out what the picture was of, only being able to read the word "Pull" which must've been on the door. Now it makes perfect sense.

Sleepytime was and is a favorite of mine as well. I think many still agree that both bands were the height of that style and still hold tremendous power even today.

Thanks for all your work and please feel free to visit anytime.


4:56 PM  
Anonymous shawn scallen said...

anyone have an extra copy of this on vinyl to sell/trade? i sold all the copies from my distro and my personal copy when the distro sold out, and wasn't able to restock it...

after that i learned my lesson and made sure to keep one copy of everything in the distro!

if you have one up for grabs, email me shawn at scallen dot com


12:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh lawdy. the undersea nightfleet and their recs. The Barkers aka Champions... yawn.

ALLPROTIP: The VSS were kinda wayyyyyyyy better. as were Area 51.

Kent McClard still has a big drippy vagina.

3:16 AM  

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