Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fuel - Take Effect 7" (1990)

Someone requested I post the Take Effect 7" from the awesome early 90's punk band Fuel. Fuel, as most know by now was a Mike Kirsch related band from the Bay Area and forged a sound that I would now consider a tour bus crash of 'Waiting Room' era Fugazi and the majority of the Lookout roster at the time (Monsula et al.). While in essence a derivative, Kirsch has always brought a much needed skill to all the bands he has played in, and that is one of deft songwriting prowess and an ear for catchy melodies.

So I was surfing around my iTunes this Sunday morning, listening to old things, catching up on fellow blogs, I came across this 7" and as is usually the case, was immediately caught by its buoyancy and urgency. Each song is like an anthem for your senses, invigorating even the sleepiest of snowy Sundays. So I finish my morning activities with Fuel and the decision to share this with everyone, the chugging palm muted rhythms propelling me forward, thusly, into a new blog post.

Many are fully in the Kirsch camp of hardcore and will instantly know what I am talking about when I say this 7" rocks (even the instrumental song is great!) and many might wonder who Kirsch is and say, "why should I care?". Because Kirsch cares, and he makes this music for us, and hes been doing a wonderful job of it for damn near 20 years. Take this 7" as proof.

I rest my case.


Blogger shanedanger said...

"many might wonder who Kirsch is and say, "why should I care?"

haha. Indeed.
Kirsch is a great and sincere guy and every band of his has been more than decent.

12:19 PM  
Blogger amit said...

I'm trying to remember if Navio Forge was good or not.

5:04 PM  
Blogger blend77 said...

Navio Forge was pretty good.
Here is the album.. Weaponizing is a great track.

As We Quietly Burn A Hole Into

6:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

fuel and torches to rome are by far the best kirsch bands, but really, this dude has done nothing wrong, ever.

that is all.

9:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ps: if someone has the torches to rome 12" digitized, i'd go from 6 to 12.

that is all.

9:04 PM  
Blogger Ape Mummy said...

I remember in 1994, my friend Ben tried to tell me that this record was better than Fugazi's "Steady Diet of Nothing".

He was only kinda wrong.

9:49 PM  
Blogger sweet baby jaysus said...

i was listening to this record the other day and lamenting the greatness that Lookout! had once achieved and subsequently squandered. of all the Kirsch bands, Fuel, Navio Forge, and Baader Brains really stick out for me, not discounting the others by any means, those three are the ones i find myself frequenting more often than the others.
i really need to do something with my blog, i've just been so busy lately i haven't even had a chance to stop by here (which i think might be more me being lazy than anything else.) much less work on my own blog aside from posting flyers for the monolith (which i've even been lazy about that as of late as well).
on a personal note though, i'm doing well, getting prepped for another tour this spring, it looks like i'm going to be going to the Scion metal festival in Atlanta at the end of febuary (which i'm pretty stoked on), and you know just booking shows for the 'lith. i booked this band Titus Andronicus from Jersey to play the second of febuary, and it turns out they are some hot shit. i saw tour photos/dates posted on pitchfork and smiled when i saw the monolith date we're a legitimate venue and everything. okay. i'm ranting way to much. Tim, keep up the good fight, and keep rocking out to that Drowning With Our Anchors 7" (i just picked up another one to replace the one i sold to you, i'm a loser (or is that winner?))

10:33 AM  
Blogger blend77 said...

Win, Dude! The new Drowning With Our Anchors LP is coming out soon on Adagio! Psyched for that.

You do good work out there. The blog can wait. It will always be there. and you are always welcome to do guest spots on here. The tone of your writing is very in line with what I would want to project. Plus you are full scene supporter, record buyer, show thrower, record spinner and record slinger.

Heads must know. In Tulsa, Jay is holding it down, keeping Tulsa punk spirit alive.

11:06 AM  
Blogger sweet baby jaysus said...

DWOA fucking greatest band around these days in the american hardcore scene (, of course, is totally my own biased opinion), i think i've got them coming back in the summer, hopefully the LP will be out long before then, i've been anticipating it since i saw them last march (almost a year since i moved back to oklahoma, damn.) and had my world completely reinvigorated.
i've decided i'm going to throw a free show for my birthday in june at the monolith, i'm going to try and have polaroppositebear (ex-rickkyfitts), teenage cool kids, and dolcim (ex-cease upon the capital) rock the fuck out. if you're looking for a little vacation time and a quick tour of the 45th largest city in america, you are welcome to join in on the festivities.
right now, i'm trying to score a date on the my disco tour that's happening this march. i don't know if i'll be around for it but i can't be selfish and just have shows when i'm in town, you know.
oh and we just got in a new shipment from ebullition, despite selling about half of it within an hour of it being put on the shelf, i managed to score a few choice items for myself. we sold out of the capitalist casualties/hellnation split faster than the new animal collective. wtf?
btw. thanks for the invite, i may do that at some point. i was thinking about putting together a post about my top picks of 2008 as well as maybe doing a post on the brainworms/tubers split over on my blog. but i might just have something to contribute that would be right up this blogs alley in the works already, so i'll hit you up when i finish it up.

11:54 AM  
Blogger world's greatest DAD said...

holy cow, i forgot i even had this. i'm sure you have had your share of "blast-from-the-past" comments, but thanks once again. This is a great little record.

4:13 PM  
Blogger vengeanceismine said...

thx been looking for this album for a while now

5:10 PM  
Blogger selina said...

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10:24 PM  
Blogger Kenny said...

I still can't really believe that Alternative Press actually thought about featuring these guys in that article about influential bands. Great band. Makes me angry to have been about 1 year old when they were still around, ha.

5:10 PM  
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