Sunday, March 04, 2007

Boris - Live Archives (2005)

Volume 1 - Live 96-98

Volume 2 - Drumless Shows

Volume 3 - Two long Songs

All three of the Boris Live Archive series in one digitally wrapped box. If you are a Boris completist then this is the joint. The live archives were released as one bundle and cover just about every style that Boris could throw at us.

Volume 1 is early tracks and pretty hardcore and angry, not like the Boris we all know from Absolutego onward. These songs brim with primal force.

Volume 2 is pretty self explanatory, Drumless Shows. Massive Sunn and Earth worship. Three songs, Huge, Mosquito and Vomit Yourself (sic).

Volume 3 is the most interesting, but also the worst recording. A frustrating buzz lingers behind the whole mess, and you cant help but feel that was to Boris's delight. They seem to enjoy static, feedback and other ear damaging noises. But this one is slightly frustrating. Thank god the songs are so good. Volume 3 consists of Absolutego and Flood back to back, each shortened and played in just over 30 minutes.

Each of these songs exist as hour long magnum opuses, so it is cool to hear them sped up a little and played back to back like this.

Otherwise, these function as more curiosity then true listening gems, but they are out of print, and unless you have some loot to drop on eBay, then this is one of the only places you can find these three records. And trust me, for the Boris fan, they are definitely worth it.


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