Sunday, March 04, 2007

Pelican - March Into the Sea (2005)

No this isnt a re-release or anything, I just found the artwork for the vinyl and thought it was pretty cool...but nonetheless, Pelican's March Into the Sea is a monolithic piece of music that is perfectly suited to its name. The 20 minute version of the song is the definitive version and to me, is the definitive Pelican release. Not to say I dont like Australasia or The Fire in Our Throats, but when I have a need for Pelican I reach for this album first. Its really hard to put into words a piece of music this large and this broad. Suffice to say, it is crushing and ever changing. About halfway through the heavy part of the song comes to end and it trails off into a wtarey abyss of acoustic strum and drone. A fitting ending.

Pelican also reside in Chicago, city of many great post-rock bands, and some might say the capital. But Pelican brand of post-rock reminds me more of Metallicas old instrumental songs like Orion or Call of Kthulu. And for this I applaud Pelican for taking those sounds and expanding them to such picturesque detail as they have.

Pelican is releasing their 3rd full length album called City of Echoes, and while I think they busted their load on March Into the Sea they are still a mighty good band and Coty of Echoes is looking to be a good one.

Of course you should Visit Them at their well designed Hydra Head records site.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you want a link to their new CD?

8:09 PM  
Anonymous neil said...

I saw Pelican once, after Big Business or some other band. Now I may or may not have had the show ruined for me by Red Sparowes owning the building as openers, or the fact that I personally found Big Business to be hellaciously irritating afterward, but in my honest opinion I just didn't enjoy them that much. They were too withdrawn from the show and very plain live. I enjoyed them for a bit, and I found the thing where one guitarist started playing with a violin bow to be interesting, but overall Pelican can't particularly hold my interest when bands like Explosions in the Sky and Gregor Samsa exist.

8:38 PM  
Blogger blend77 said...

thanks, i have is my policy not to post things that havent come out...there are plenty of blogs for that...

i have also heard other say Pelican is not so great live...I pretty much only listen to Nightendday, Drought and March Into The Sea...

Pelican doesnt compare to EITS or Gregor Samsa.

3:04 PM  

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