Sunday, May 20, 2007

4 Walls Falling - Culture Shock (1991)

4 Walls Falling were a political hardcore band from Richmond, VA. They had a sound that, though metallic, was very rooted in the old-school hardcore style of the 80's. There are times when listening to this cd that I want to make comparisons to mid 80's NYHC like Sick of it All and Youth of Today and other times I want to compare their sound to turn of the decade New Age Records bands like Mouthpiece, Endpoint and Outspoken. Alltogether though, I think they have their own sound. While old-school hardcore doesnt have much gradation in terms of tone or speed 4 Walls have blended a nice amount og metal and melody to offset this fact. Great fast parts, chugging breakdowns, and youth crew vocals all mke it an essential for any fan of the genre. Greed is my favorite song, opening with a sample of Michael Douglas from the movie Wall Street.

Definitely pick this one up. You wont regret it.

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Blogger proven hollow said...

another great album, but dude you need to get their final LP if you dont have it. it is amazing and "horrible" yet completely awesome. i totally love it. some of the wierdest stuff ever. i'm glad they did it though. the "kids" weren't ready for it.

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