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Summer in Abaddon (2004)

Blue Screen Life (2001)

This is a Pinback CD (1999)

Wow, has it already been 3 years since Pinback released Summer in Abaddon?! Time does fly, and not in an liner sense either. More like a pointilist Seraut painting. Time is many things at once, and many things at different times. If one were to try and map out actual time, and by actual I dont mean absolute, rather the relative subjective version we understand and try to measure on a daily basis...if one were to map it out it would be a complex web of interreltions and I bet theres even quite a few curves to account for the "space" in the existence of this visual time map. I also bet it would look quite beautiful, and if it were someones job to put it into music it wouldnt suprise me if it sounded like Pinback.

For any of you who have been visiting for a while it should be clear that I absolutely love Three Mile Pilot. Easily one of my favorite bands. I was lucky to have a friend who moved to NY from San Diego in high school, and is single handedly responsible for many of my San Diego music scene obsessions...The list is oh so long and I wont digress, just take a look back into the archives to see what I mean. But no band stuck with me like 3MP. When I ended up splitting with my friend (we ended up having a long relationship) it seemed 3MP had done the same.

Saddened I took my search elsewhere and really came up with nothing. This was in a period where I stopped feverishly searching for new music and barely listened to hardcore or punk and just did god knows what. I think '98 - '00 are strange years for me...I search for my soul rather than music. Nonetheless, (see, this post is reserved for another digression...am I doing good? ^_~) I returned to my search for new music in the early part of this decade when I moved to Brooklyn, '01 - '02 and decided I should find out if 3MP ever did anything else. Zach Smiths bass playing was something I needed to hear again. Thank the lords and the stars above that he had formed with Rob Crowe (Thingy, Heavy Vegetable and many others) and began recording as Pinback.

Thank my lucky fucking stars. And you know. after all tht digression, I'm not even gonna describe the music. You probably know already, but if you dont, take the sublime bass playing of 3MP, take Rob Crowes soft melifluous voice, combine that with what I said about time and pointilism, little notes hitting at the right time, weaving a tapestry, shake in a little "ooh" and "ahh" and you have some of the best indie rock I have ever had the pleasure of hearing....

Thats Pinback in a nutshell to me. I think the albums will speak for themselves....

You should also take note that they are planning an album release for sometime this year, and Three Mile Pilot is also planning another album release after a 10 year hiatus.... 2007 indeed.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

pinback = love ...

i have all those lp, so i just wanted to leave a comment ...


2:50 PM  
Anonymous Bahia said...

Un grand merci

5:53 PM  
Blogger Terry said...

This is neat stuff, surprised I hadn't even heard of them at all. This reminds me where some of the more talented 'emo' bands might go if they didn't tend to be so flat and unidimensional sounding (not always a bad thing).

12:02 AM  
Blogger blend77 said...

the guy above said it... Pinback = Love

Loro is an incredible song, as is Boo and Bbtone.

and so many others... glad you liked it. they have a tendency to reveal more of their subtly through consecutive listens...

1:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a 3MP fan this is really cool for me to hear for the first time. I'm so glad you posted these! Thank you!

10:01 PM  
Anonymous enchingabeforetheyknow said...

What about AFK and Non Photo Blue?

two great songs from Summer in Abaddon!

7:54 PM  

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