Thursday, December 13, 2007

Mssg. to the Rdrs.

I wanted to find the original AA Milne art of this story, but alas, as the message says:

Gone Out
Back Soon
Back Soon

If youre wondering where its from, it is from Winnie the Pooh, the original AA Milne stories. Little slices of Zen that everyone should read once, no matter what your age.

Times are crazy right now. Work, holidays, people will be visiting. I promised a number of things this year, all I can promise now is that I promise to do some of those things and I promise to make more empty promises in the future.

I will have a worthy post of my favorites this year. It will be a valuable and surprising post to some. It'll be up sometime before the new year. For the next week or so, I can't promise anything, but the new year is upon us, and things will resume to normal... or somewhat normal. I was just getting into the swing of things again before I got pulled away.

Keep your eyes peeled for the Best of, and if the artwork above is yours, apologies, I stole it, let me know if it bothers you.

Happy Holidays peeps.


Saturday, December 08, 2007

Pele - Enemies (2002)

Pele's Enemies is a skittering, hi-hat ecstasy fountain, propelling you ever upward amidst splashes of sunlight reflecting through crystalline droplets of percussion. Guitars float and swirl around you, like a loosely woven tapestry of tones and color, enveloping you in its smooth fluidity, seducing you to believe all is just one. The music sparkles and pops like quarks and atoms zipping in microscopic disarray. It gallops and billows like clouds riding the wind; crackles and sighs like a wood fire, dancing jubilantly at the fleeting life its been given, laughing and licking at the sky, while warming all those who huddle near it, hoping to understand its mystery.

Pele are on Polyvinyl and definitely share that same jangling emo guitar sound, like American Football or Braid, or even peers like The Promise Ring sans vocals. They also have releases on Crouton Records, a label dedicated to improvisational and experimental recordings.

Be sure to check out Collections of Colonies of Bees, currently a highly experimental band of Pele's Chris Rosenau and Jon Mueller. They are similar to Pele in tone, but more improv with the use of subtle electronics and drones.

*This was an older review I dredged up. I mustve been really enjoying this record that day. hehe...

Friday, December 07, 2007

It Occurs to me...

that alot of the links on here have gone down. I am not sure if this is an active attempt to sabotage or server issues from Mediafire. Either way, if there is something you are just dying for, and I consider it worth your time, than an up can be administered within a few days.

Otherwise, continue as usual, and expect some year end lists to materialize, or maybe just one or two, since I may be the only posting here for the time being...

Hope everybody is good.