Friday, May 01, 2009

Calvary - Outnumbered Is Outflanked (2003)

This record is so amazing. I urge you all to drop what your doing and start listening to this right now. Similar to the Bullets*In post, I dont know of anyone who doesnt think this record rocks.

In fact, its so awesome that I dont even really know what to say about it other than that. Its not like some new kind of awesome punk. Its not breaking any boundaries. On first listen I didnt think to myself, "Holy Jesus Lord, this is the holy grail of punk rock!" Nope. Not even on the second. But I liked it.

Actually, Sweetbabyjaysus told me I would like it. So yeah, I liked it. I listened to it a few times, and one day it clicked. The record has yet to leave my iPod since then. It gets weekly listens and I find it near impossible to only listen to one song. Its one of those albums I throw on, whatever the mood and find that I have to listen to the whole thing.

When I shared it with someone recently they asked who was singing and when it was from because at times it really sounds like Rites of Spring and the singer sounds just like Guy. But nope. Not that. Instead its Matt Weeks from Current who is well known for sounding like Guy. Now, Current is easily one o my favorite bands from the 90's. Coliseum is a great album and their 7"s and split stuff are so great. They have held up well over the years, but dare I say that Calvary is better? I think it needs to be said.

Calvary is actually better than Current.

Im sure that has a lot to do with the musicians being better and more focused, but it probably has a lot to do with me as a person. I have grown since those mid-90s days and Calvary speaks to me so much more at this point in my life.

And the Rites of Spring thing, dont let it throw you off. There are only touches of it besides Matts voice that sound like RoS. They evoke a number of even earlier bands like Wire and Mission of Burma. Tense and precise guitar playing with metronomic drumming, Matts emotive voice and a slew of amazing hooks are whats waiting to be found in this amazing album..

Check it out and let me know what you think. You can find the LP pretty cheaply, usually on blue marble vinyl and you may still be able to get the 7" direct from Matt Weeks (now defunct) Council Records.


Anyone interested in picking up either the Calvary LP or 7" - can do so at Residue Records:

They have both (as well as some other Council stuff) for mailorder. (thanks matt)