Monday, January 21, 2008

No Tunes, Just Arts.

This is sort of a request from GabbaGabbaHey from Hardcore for Nerds. He made some record covers for some of the hard to find 7"s he's come across, and since a lot of these old hardcore records are so DIY (and pre-internet frenzy) they are near impossible to find good jpegs of the OG artwork.

These three were by his request, so I figured I'd put them up here for all to see. If you Control-Click (or Right Click as some of you are PC users) the image you can view it full size and read the lyrics and see the artwork real nice. They are small enough to use for your iTunes too, so have fun with them.

I had so many awesome 7"s at one point and during some fit of stupidity I sold almost all of my vinyl when I went to college. It wasnt even so much that I didnt like those particular records as much as I was trying to downsize. I made dubs of alot of the stuff I liked but didnt feel the need to have on vinyl (which are cumbersome at times) but over time almost all of those dubs either broke or disappeared. I often regret selling all of those records, but for some reason, I saved a few of my most favorites, not knowing that over a decade later people would still be talking about them, let alone consider them benchmarks of the genre.

So. Heres three to get you juiced.

Indian Summer 7"

This 7" is so freaking good. Most notable for having the song Angry Son. I got this off my friend in 94, when he decided he didnt like it anymore. He gave me some other great records that are all gone. But I cherished this one from the day I first got it from him. As you may know, Indian Summer never named their songs.

3 Tracks:
A1 - Arent you Angel
A2 - Untitled (Millimeter?)
B1 - Angry Son

Ordination of Aaron / Indian Summer Split 7"

I was never a big fan of OoA, but Indian Summers songs on this were worth the purchase. I didnt scan the lyrics for OoA, and as far as I can tell the lyrics under the header "Eulogy" arent for the song on the 7". So, no lyrics, but you get a nice Indian Summer poem. The last insert is from Yuletide Records and pretty much encapsulates the cheesiness that was to become known as emo.

A1 - Ordination of Aaron - Battle of Tippecanoe
B1 - Indian Summer - Eulogy (Ive always called it "Eulogy" even though the lyrics dont match, but the disco calls it "Touched By The Wings of and Angel" so its really up to you.
B2 - Mellmak / Truman (Again, the insert says Mellmak [the fictitious homeworld of ALF, if any of you remember that show] and he sounds likes he says Mellmak, but the disco I found calls it Truman, go figure.)

Maximillian Colby 7"

How I fell in love with Max Colby. Oh, it was such sweetness. Shortly after I got this I got the Max Colby / Shotmaker split, which to this day remains one of the best records in existence. But these two of these three songs are definitely Max Colbys two best songs. Man, this band was good. I also ended up with the Sleepytime Trios first 7"s but those are long gone too. Damnit. Thank god for CD Discographies.

A1 - Sparcly
A2 - itt
B1 - Sifelaver


Im Alive

no. not Pearl Jam, definitely not Celine Dion, and not that crappy band POD... or any other host of cliched songs about being, feeling, or dreaming about being alive. and this aint no Pinocchio either.

Just here to tell you that I am, in fact, still alive. Im healthy, breathing at a normal rate. My cholesterol is good and despite the small spare tire forming around my waist, I am feeling very well rested and even optimistic.

Somewhat normal blog posting should resume. I still owe my list for 2007.... its different from all the other lists you read by now which have all the obvious candidates for indie stardom. Hopefully my list will break the mold a little.

So really, thats that. Happy New Years. Welcome one, welcome all. If youre new, this blog is still running, its just stuck in the driveway right now. If youre old, see previous comment about the proverbial "car" being in the proverbial "driveway".

More soon...