Friday, December 19, 2008

Jejune / Jimmy Eat World splt 7" (1997)

It may not snowing where you are right now, but it is snowing like crazy in NYC. For some reason music like the above 7" really fits with snow. Maybe its the melancholy of the grey skies mixed with the ebullient quality of the snow dancing and flitting around that goes hand in hand with these kind of songs. The short day light hours mixed with the invigorating chill. Something along those lines....

Regardless of what comparisons could be made this is a strong showing from two bands that both got more popular after this release. While Jejune may have crossed you radar before I think it is safe to say that there is not a person between the age of 13 and 33 who knows who Jimmy Eat World is. This was my first introduction to Jimmy Eat World and Jejune, and they remain my two favorite songs from both camps. While Jejune may have stayed their course for the most part I feel that they never achieved the playful yet emotional depth portrayed on their side.

Jimmy Eat World on the other hand went on to progress through a number of different sounds. Some more successful than others, but one thing they never really reached for again was the chugging stop start dynamics of "What Would I Say To You Now". This was somewhat to my dismay as I feel that although I do appreciate some of their later stuff, this song creates a mood for me, where as something like Clarity requires a certain mood for me to delve into it fully. Nothing is more powerful in music than having the sounds take over your mind for 3 or 4 minutes and then leaving you with its glow for a short time there after.

While many would disagree with me on this being the best of their songs (the band included I would assume) I still have to share this with all of you as I think the most important thing about this 7" is how these two songs complement each other. Jejunes breezy cathartic pop and Jimmy Eat Worlds noisy rocked out bliss are two things that I think go together perfectly.

I have only included one of each song. The other song from Jejune is an instrumental which I find forgettable in comparison to "Early Stars", and Jimmy Eat World have another decent track called Speed Read which I believe you can find on their Singles collection, along with "What Would I Say To You Now".

Monday, December 15, 2008

Tell Me If Im Crazy...

...but did my whole death metal post disappear?

I swear I didnt do it... Obviously it was a problem to someone, so I guess thats that. No metal for you.

2008 lists coming soon.


Ohp!!! This just in... After two years I have crossed the line apparently. From this point onward you will not find high profile death metal albums on ZAFP. There are plenty of other places to find them and I suggest you do that if it is your ultimate desire to live in sin (As I so enjoy)

Peep this, from the Blogger Crew. It seems pretty official.


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So, with that said, it is very clear that Friday is no longer a good day for Death Metal. Instead, Fridays will continue with their regular broadcasting of weekend warriors and binge drinking. For those of you not into those two aformentioned recreations, please know that Fridays will continue to be good for staying in and watching movies as well.


Friday, December 12, 2008

Four Hundred Years - s/t 7" (Yuletide / Rose Petal)

This is without a doubt one of my favorite 7"s. I am pretty sure that everyone has these 4 songs as they were released with their first LP Suture as 'Suture and Other Songs'.

If you dont have these 4 songs, well, nows the time to get it. I personally feel that these 4 songs stand best on their own power. Lock Up and Hoodwinked are both incredible tracks with sick drumming and awesome interlude sections.

All in all a perfect 7". All artwork included.

You can still get Suture and other songs from Lovitt Records. And though I am not a huge fan of Four Hundred Years after Suture I believe you can still find those albums through either Lovitt or one of the many distros. Lovitts link is on the right.

Thats it. Short post. Happy Friday. Check the Towers stuff below. I zipped the files and put a link for them in the image.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Towers is a pretty sick hardcore band from Philly who are tossing out some interesting chaotic heavy hardcore jams. I unfortunately missed their set this past summer, but everyone was raving about it and I felt dumb for missing it. Though in my defense they did only play for 15 minutes. Considering their songs generally just crest the 1 minute mark this is no surprise. Massive, jilting riffs tossed around like razor blades collide with cinder blocks of bass crunch. Anguished screams dual with rambunctiously pounding drums. People get hurt. For a band to squelch this much feeling out of a minute is an impressive feat.

Craig, the bassist / vocals for Towers posted a link to their site where you can listen to much of what the band has released thus far. Last year they released a self titled LP that came out in a variety of formats and a slew of labels. Very sick record, and if you grab the LP version its in all its screenprinted glory. Next on their list, slated for an early 2009 release is their newest LP, Full Circle, also released on a slew of labels.

If you live in the US check the Towers myspace page for shows that may be happening at this very moment (one with the Black Kites in Philly on the 30th). If you dont live in the US than I am sure they will be eventually making it out your way soon, so keep your eyes peeled. Craig also plays with Peter from Algernon Cadwallder in Peter & Craig. If Algernon makes you happy, Towers is sure to ruin your life.

Check it on the dubs. I made it easy for you. I put all the available files in a zip.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Stuff To Get Into

Antlers - S/T (Rorschach Records)

Richmond is fertile ground for punk bands. And they tend to be good ones at that. Really good. Rorschach Records also has a roster stock full of them. Not even overwhelmingly so. They seem to have carefully chosen bands that create some sort of community. Communal living style. A sonic punk commune. A few select bands with a variety of takes on a single genre. It all fits together nicely like something maybe only Dischord and few others could claim. And thats kinda where Antlers makes a lot of sense in this scheme of things. Comprised of a slew of prolific musicians, Antlers creates a community with their sounds. Something to rally around and something to sit down reflectively with, like a good friend you have had, sharing both rousing and quiet moments in the passing of time (or maybe you party all the time, and damn it good for you.) Antlers and Rorschach have a very good set up going on right now and it would be a shame if more people werent looking for that kind of community in their daily goings on.

Failures - S/T (Clean Plate)

When I first heard Failures it was live at ABC No Rio earlier this spring. I saw Will from Ampere/Orchid hanging around and thought maybe Ampere was going to play too. They werent on the bill, though it seemed appropriate. Brainworms played along with ...Who Calls So Loud and Apeshit! and a band called Failures, whom I was just about to witness. Will went up to stage and picked up the guitar and was joined by 3 people who werent in Ampere. What happened next not only made my jaw drop straight to the floor, my jaw then actually crashed right through the shitty busted floors of ABC No Rio. I witnessed CHUDS lurking underneath making screenprinted patches and upon opening their murky ceiling with my unhinged jaw, they pounced up and wreaked intense havoc in the tiny ground floor of poor ABC No Rio. They flipped some guys peanuts in the crowd and when the pitch of the music revved up even fast, Wills fingers burning on the fret board, mid hop, they even began chewing on the innocent bystanders. What started as good punk lovin fun ended in a bloodbath of victims that never knew what hit them...

Actually it was just Mark McCoy completely freaking the fuck out. It was still quite an awesome and energetic sight, comparable to that of twenty or so CHUDS ripping down your entire house around you and then eating your face to boot.

Suis La Lune - Heir 10"(Ape Must Not Kill Ape / Release The Bats / Escucha)

Suis La Lune makes me smile everytime I put them on. A sort of knowing smirk to myself. This is mostly due to that fact that I didnt find them that appealing at first. I still wonder how or why to this day I didnt eat it up right away, and there in lies part of the smirk. At this point I would have to say they have become one of my favorite things to listen to for about 2 years now. The other part of the smirk lies in the simple fact that they remind of so many good things. Memories of my favorite songs, tapes made for friends, walks on breezy days, and some kind of unnamed appreciation for the little things, be it a knowing glance or a certain progression of sounds and tempos that enliven and invigorate at the same time, and in the most welcoming of ways. Suis La Lune means more than either they know or I know. Theirs is something innate, encoded in their music, and daring you to recognize your own pulse and your own primal sense to not just live, but live greatly and passionately, with critical yet loving care and a raucous sense of when to veer the whole ship into reckless abandonment.

(US citizens should order from Escucha for better shipping)

Timber - s/t 7" (Something Crucial)

Timber is another band from the fertile crescent of Revolution Summer inspired punk, residing somewhere near the mason dixon line in Maryland. Timber supposedly only got together as a project between some friends that were home from school and if thats the case than it is one of the finer and more convincing of projects I have heard. Sharing much in common with their regional brethren both current and times past, Timber display a deft balance of some of more urgent sounds from that area. It reminds me of a mix of Brainworms and Stop It!! but with a punkier Dag Nasty element to it. Its anthemic, its fast and its melodic as hell. I only wish we were guaranteed to see more from these talented young folks. I tossed in their demo which is pretty sick. You can grab the 7" for $4 ppd from their site

Young Widows - Old Wounds (Temporary Residence ltd.)

This shit right here folks, is one of the finest records I have heard in a fat chunk of time. I feel like this record will go down as one of my favorite records of all time in fact. There is nearly nothing I dont like about this record. From the first song a progression of sparse, cold instrumentation and dry apathetic lyrics introduces the record, teasing you with drum rolls and fills, before igniting all cylinders and chugging right over your measly human form. The second track doesnt let up either, fiercely dropping you into a psychotic blues stomp before tossing you back and forth again. It is seriously one of the best one two punch openings I can think of. (both tracks one and two are present here). The rest of the record displays such a variety of sounds, amazingly played and unbelievably recorded, so much so that I am at a loss as to how to accurately paint a picture to you the listener. Suffice to say that I believe Steve Albini would even like this record.. So would David Yow. I hope youre catching my drift and I can only add that this record and these three individuals (only 3!) offer so much more in the way of intensely created and played songs than that statement could dare to suggest. Go get this shit, at all costs and listen to it from start to finish. Dont talk to me if you dont like it, just move along. I wont be having it.
Well, if you came here first, thanks. First off, dont bother downloading each file, they are all one file with everything clearly labeled in their proper folders. Secondly, I formatted it like this for aesthetic reasons. I felt a block of type wasnt very enticing. At least "please read below first" is intriguing, at best. Moving on...

In the recent years, records have been bought by the dozen. My old habits of procuring aurally and visually exciting material has risen to equal the youthful enthusiasm I once had for the format. I figure some of you still enjoy purchasing music these days and maybe you want to know but cant check all the avenues for details on something of particular interest. Maybe you already have a place that could place you 'in the know' on your latest musical craze. Maybe the internet is just too damn big and it never hurts to hear praise of something good from sources you trust, en masse. Maybe its because I was going to write about it anyway.

To entice any new listeners I have included portions of the records (or EPs in some cases). I basically dont want to deprive hardworking bands of all their chances of income. In all cases each record is as fantastic as the part displayed. And the artwork on all the albums is very great (Especially the Antlers LP). These are no parlour tricks to generate income. This is an appreciative nod to those who inspire, and not just musically, but artistically, ethically and enjoyably so.

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Fugazi - Live 1988

Just a quick shout. Been busy, but dont want to let this idle for too long.

This is overall a mediocre set, in regards to sound quality that is. If anyone remembers, I dont like live recordings, unless of course they are taken from the soundboard or someone has the means to record it with decent sound; though this is usually not the case.

The two things that make this most noteworthy and worth a few moments of your time are the set list, which due to the time period (pre-Repeater, and pre-Guy playing guitar) is mostly material from 13 songs, and the inclusion of the song In Defense of Humans which still remains a favorite of mine. Like every Fugazi set, there is a point where the show is stopped and an appropriate lecture is handed out to those unruly enough to deserve it. Also, Ian comes off as younger and more brash, which for anyone who followed Fugazi through the 90's is funny considering he seems like such an even tempered guy.

I got into Fugazi right in between Steady Diet and In On the Kill Taker, and from that standpoint it seems weird that they chose to end their set with Provisional. While I do like that song, it never seemed like a show closer, though I suppose at the time they felt strongly about it as it appears again on Repeater.

Of even minor noteworthiness; the show happened on my birthday. I would be 11 when this show happened and was probably home listening to a lot of Motley Crue and Skid Row. Or Led Zeppelin. They were my mainstays prior to getting into Metallica, Slayer and Megadeth. Lastly, I designed the cover to look like a 2 color screen of white and silver on black. I was semi happy with this, so I am happy to share that with you as well. Though looking at it now (I made this cover a few years ago) I suppose I intended to put another colon betwixt 'Fugazi' and 'Live At Canterbury', but you dont give a shit about that, right?

I thought not.

Maybe more later today. I have something already started, If I can just find time to finish scanning and wrap up the bit I wrote. Ah, well, we shall see...