Thursday, June 14, 2007

By the way...

I really like having all of you around. We got a good group of people and I always love when more people join the discussions...

I love that everyone is from all over the place and we're all on this kick for hardcore from the 90's... It seems like this music has taken on a new life, with younger people hearing about these bands being legendary, how the number of bands has grown, and so on and so forth... but none of these bands were anything back in the day. I mean, sure, I thought each and everyone of them were heroes in their own way, but as far as exposure, most of these bands got next to none... and I think that mostly, due to the lack of internet life at that time, we had no way of hearing everything, or meeting everyone. Some people were lucky to be from places with good scenes... but there was still a lack of flow regarding information. And now all of us find each other, loving all this music, probably being one of the few you personally know who can still geek out over music. I talk my girlfriends ear of sometimes about the dumbest shit, like how cool this Avail show was back in high school, and all the goings on of all these punks and hardcore kids, and shes like, "uhhhh yeah? wow, isnt that something."

So you see, I'm taking a long time to say Thanks to everyone that strolls on by and hangs for a few moments... It's been fun. soooo. some posts?


Anonymous papstar said...

Yea man. Younger kids refer to most of these bands as legends and pioneers. But that was very far from the truth while they were touring. I guess its good to see some of these awesome groups finally get the attention they deserve. They are probably selling more vinyl and cd's now than when they were still together! Either way, I definitely enjoy this little community we have here. So nice to talk to some people that have the same musical tastes. My wife can't understand how I can get so excited about a band that played at local vfws:)

11:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It seems like we have some 90s bands' revival now and I must say that I'm happy with it :)

The first reason is that I had a very long break in listening to music like that and so I've missed many of great bands. Now I have a chance to listen to them, although most of them are already gone and their records are out of print or impossible to buy (in a cave) where I live...

The second is that it's the kind of music I started to love when I was in my teens and I still love it :) I listen to a lot of different music but this kind of emotional hardcore has always a very special place in my heart.

And the last, but not least, is that I have really great time now not only listening to the music, but also talking about it with all of you, guys :) Thanks!!!

6:52 PM  
Anonymous eric murphy said...

I can't be arsed to gaze at my navel, but yeah, it's cool that this shit is still being appreciated.

7:34 PM  

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